Meet the Team

Frank Mondelli, Disability Studies Committee Chair

Frank Mondelli received his B.A. in Japanese and Linguistics from Swarthmore College in 2014. After accepting a Fulbright Fellowship in Japan, he joined the East Asian Languages and Cultures department at Stanford University as a PhD student. He researches the technical, social, and political dimensions of assistive technology and disability-related media in Japan. Outside of academics, Frank has worked to increase the accessibility of physical and ideological infrastructures on campus through advocacy for disability studies and broader student representation. Twitter @frankmondelli, Mastodon

Brigitte Pawliw-Fry, Disability Studies Committee Chair

Brigitte Pawliw-Fry is a senior at Stanford University. Originally from Toronto, her work often explores the intersection of art and politics, social movements, and resistance narratives. Beyond her work on the Disability Studies Committee, she is a community organizer for the Prison Renaissance Project. For information about her oral history project about Canadian episodes of ‘insider’ violence, go to and follow her on Twitter @b_pawliw_fry. 

Anima Shrestha, Disability Studies Committee Chair

Anima is a junior at Stanford University studying Neurodevelopment and Disability within Human Biology. Her research focuses on examining portrayals of mental illness in new media. She has recently gotten more involved in disability activism on campus and is excited for what the next few years will bring! Aside from disability advocacy, she works as an EMT for RockMedicine, interprets for Nepali asylum-seekers at Stanford Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, and dances on Stanford Bhangra. To reach her, email

Rachel Wallstrom, Disability Studies Committee Chair

Rachel Wallstrom is currently a junior at Stanford University. Originally from a small town in the mountains of New Mexico, she now lives in the bay area studying Mechanical Engineering and working at Magical Bridge Foundation to foster community through the design of accessible parks and playgrounds. She is engaged in activism on campus and focuses her research on identity, injury and trauma, and queer theory. She also plays on the Stanford Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team and works as a peer-counselor. You can reach her at

Cat Sanchez, Disability Studies Committee Chair

Picture of Cat Sanchez in a nice purple spotted dress in front of a tree.

Cat Sanchez is currently a senior at Stanford University studying Mental Health in the Human Biology department and will begin a PhD in Sociology next year. She spent 7 years earning an Associate Degree while working two jobs. Cat is a research assistant at the Center on Poverty and Inequality and volunteers her time tutoring adult ESL learners in community college with Upward Scholars. She is just beginning her advocacy with disability, but is excited to work with such a loving community. To reach her, please email