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The Disability Conference Committee at Stanford University is proud to present our first annual Disability Studies Conference.

Rather than accepting existing medical and legal notions of the body/mind, disability studies seeks to redefine and re-represent disability in a social, political, and cultural context. Works in the field typically focus on the lived experiences of persons with disabilities, the socially constructed nature of impairment and disability, and a marked political bent on increasing disability human rights. As a response to recent developments in the field which focus on the technological dimensions of disability, this inaugural conference seeks to explore the relationship between disability studies, media studies, and science and technology studies.

This conference was inspired by the current climate surrounding disability studies and campus activism at Stanford University. In just the past few years, our campus has seen an explosion of disability advocacy. Thanks to students’ activism and pressure from advocacy group Disability Equity Now, the university has added several disability studies classes to its course listings. This year, we hope to make many more strides in equality for the disability community. This conference rides on the momentum of the student activists before it. It aspires to create a platform for students, faculty, and researchers to critically engage in discourse surrounding disability studies, disability rights, and the greater disability community. We hope you decide to join us!

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